"Actions speak louder than Words".

In correlation with our research and writing of these newsletters, we hope that our services and contributions make an impactful difference. While it may be small, it is sincere. At PIPS, our services are not claimed as part of the community service hours requirements for graduation.

May 2022: Donating Books to Local Elementary Schools

April 2022: Book Drive--Thank you for your support!

February 2022: Donating Comforters and Aid Packs to a VA Hospital

January 2022: Donating Blankets to a Domestic Violence Shelter

December 2021: Making No-Sew Fleece Blankets

November 2021: Donating Patriotic Masks to Veterans at Placentia Veteran's Day Ceremony

Food Distribution

October 2021: Packing Backpacks at Placentia Family Resource Center

September 2021: School Supplies Collection

PIPS was able to collect 250 notebooks, 12 backpacks, 15 lunch boxes, 15 binders, and a variety of other items to donate to the local community.