"Actions speak louder than Words".

In correlation with our research and writing of these newsletters, we hope that our services and contributions make an impactful difference. While it may be small, it is sincere. At PIPS, our services are not claimed as part of the community service hours requirements for graduation.

April 2021: Delivering Spring Flowers Gifts to Local Seniors

March 2021: Plant Assembly

PIPS created 105 small plant gifts using recycled materials such as: applesauce and yogurt containers, popsicle sticks, and junk mail.

January 2021: Aid Pack Assembly

Additional Masks made for the Aid Packs

December 2020: Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

December: Golf Ball Sale Fundraiser

November 11th: Veterans Day Ceremony with Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) representative, Bellflower Mayor and City Council

October--November: Made an additional 244 masks, with 110 donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization,

the remainder being used for fundraising.

September: Donated 570 notebooks to Kraemer Middle School, Orange County United Way, and Friendly Center

The average K-12 parents spend a little more than $100 per students on school supplies (i.e) note books, pen/pencils, lunch boxes, backpacks. This does not include clothings, shoes, electronics, computers, phones, which would amount to nearly $700 according to NRF (National Retail Federation) survey. No doubt this cost is a financial burdens for many low income families during "back to school" season. We have been and still collecting school supplies now and throughout the year to be distributed the following academic year to help disadvantaged students. Many school supplies items are on sale or on clearance now, so it doesn't cost much to join us with our "throughout the year " school supplies drive project. Please contact us and we will be happy to pick up your donations at your convenience. We are hoping to accumulate even more supplies for next year 9/2021. Thank you for your support!

OC United Way

May (National Nurses' Appreciation Month): Special Gifts to the Emergency Department of UCI Hospital

April: More than 100 Masks Donated to Los Angeles County Sheriff

More than 100 Masks Donated to Placentia Police Department in OC

PIPS Exceeded Our Goal, Ultimately Producing 252 Masks!

March-April: Making Cloth Masks for Donating to the Community

Mask Making Time Lapse.mp4

February 7th: Creating Valentine's Day Cards for Senior Citizens

December 14th: Distributing Gifts to Families and Toys to Nearly 200 Children

November 26th: Distributing Over 100 Turkeys to Families

November 9th: Collection Day for Over 150 Bags of Food

October 25th: Preparation For A Thanksgiving Food Drive